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applying for ssdi - question about medical records

Hello all,

I am legally blind, and will be laid off from my job as of April 1. I plan to apply for SSDI after that date. My vision is 20/400 in one eye, and 20/200 in the other eye. On my records I just got from the eye doctor office, it states that as my vision, and then it has a portion that shows "dr.s final va - 20/150 in both eyes. Does this mean that my vision is correctable to 150? I tried Googleing it, and all I found ws that that number (20/150 is due to the limitations of the eye chart. Will this affect my eligibility for SSDI, or should I still be able to get it?

I also have a letter from the commission for the blind classifying me as a (legally) blind person, and a letter from an ophthalmologist I saw in 1977 stating my condition and legal blindness as well.

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Re: applying for ssdi - question about medical records

One further question before I apply next week...

On the yearly statement from Social Security that shows how much my benefits would be at retirement age and if I become disabled, is that what I would get if awarded SSDI on account of being legally blind? I have been legally blind all my life but was able to work, but circumstances have led me to go the SSDI route. it's still the same amount I would get if I became disabled in a different manner, since. I have 26 years of. Work credits- correct?



Re: applying for ssdi - question about medical records

Hi Lucky,
My diagnosis in writing from a 1977 letter from my then ophthalmologist) is that I have bilateral coloboma of the optic nerve and retina in both eyes. My parents had looked into if I was eligible for SSI (which I later got until I started working in 1988), and the doctor stated that he believed I would be eligible.

My (1989) letter from Helen Keller Service for the blind states that I "am known by this agency as a blind person, that this agency's files contains a copy of a report of an opthamological examination on 6/7/1972, which bears the stamp of the New York State Commissionn for the blind." It also give a registration number.

I am going to call and see if they can send me a copy of that letter.

thanks for your advice!


Re: applying for ssdi - question about medical records

My question to you Aticineto did you wear RGB lens? Did they become intolerable? Are you a Diabetic? Do you have Amblyopia? Also it seems to me you have Keratoconus I am just guessing because one eye is worse than the other but Amblyopia can also cause one eye to go worse than the other. What I suggest is this if you can not see the letter "E" then you can not see it they can not prove you can see it. The federal & state laws are not on the same page for example in Alabama you can drive 20/60 one eye & be blind in the other. But once your 20/80 & 20/200 you can not drive but also can not draw disability...So how are you suppose go to work? SSD is strict you must be 20/200 in both eyes. I have conflicts one doctor saying I am 20/200 in both eyes while another say's I am 20/400 in both eyes. I have Keratoconus in both eyes but Advanced in one eye & mild in the other but also Diabetic Type II. Now here in Alabama the eye doctors all they care about is getting you an Cornea Transplant. They ignore that you are a Diabetic. Now being a Diabetic is high risk just to risky so do not be taken in for a Cornea Transplant if you are a Diabetic the cost is to great like $5 grand also no job how you suppose to pay for it? The fact is SSD will say find a Lions Club (LOCAL) to pay for it but if you still resist you must find a eye doctor to be on your side or IF you are a Diabetic see him & for sure that Diabetic M.D. will be on your side & say Not Recommend Cornea Transplant. You must have this on Medical File not word of mouth. You tell them please write it down on medical paper. You must save every single medical file & go back in the past & get those files. I mean every single file that you can get. SSD is the hardest to fight for. The fact is they do not want you on it period. I filed back in Sept/2013 got denied as expected & up for a hearing in May/2014 I expect to get denied because not enough evidence I do not have yet.
Now my question to you how did you get the as you quote (I also have a letter from the commission for the blind classifying me as a (legally) blind person.) Now did you get that from your state? If you have that paper my advice hold on to that paper make copies many of them. That piece of paper should get your SSD if not fight it all the way VA Court & for sure they will grant you the SSD. What I mean by VA is a panels of judges is the last step & sure enough grant you the SSD because of the piece of paper you have. I wish Alabama had the Commission for the blind I yet to find it. I been studying SSD since Sept 2013 it is unreal of the strict rules they have just impossible to meet but I can give advice of how to get around it. Lucky

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