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asking questions about blindness

If you're sighted and want to know more about blindness, feel free to ask me any questions! My name is Abby and I like talking about my blindness! Write back if you have any questions or just want to chat!

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Re: asking questions about blindness

Hi I'm 56 and recently learned I will be going blind within the next two to five years. Of course I'm scared to death and have tons of questions. I am very much an outdoors person and ride horses and travel a lot. My mining questions or what I should do now before I lose all of my vision. How do I prepare for this do I sell my house get out of the country and closer to the city? Can somebody please get in touch and help me sort through this?

Re: asking questions about blindness

Hello words me thing,
Yes I have jaws 8. My computer is so old that it won't work right with the next version of Jaws. I have sidewalks around my house, but I can't walk out alone because I don't have very good mobility skills. I don't do much. It snowed today the first snowfall of the season, so I didn't want to go out. Using a cane in snow isn't very fun. The snow covers up all of my landmarks. It's pretty hard to get into my job building when it snows. I can get in to it without help in the spring and summer but during fall and winter, I need help getting inside.
How have you been?

sunny nice day for a walk

I'm doing well, thank you. By now, you may have read my responses to some of your other posts. If you have, you will know I have been spending a lot of time outside in the sunshine, raking leaves into piles in my backyard. Raking is something I do every year in autumn. We have been having unusually warm and nice sunny days. Good weather for this kind of exercise.
By the way, did you say you were using JAWS Version 8? I only ask because I think JAWS is now up to version 18 or 19.
If you are using a really old old version, this may explain some of your screen reader woes.
I'm going to take a break from raking and go for a walk with my Seeing Eye dog once I send you this message.
Hope you enjoy the day as much as I plan to do.
Do you have sidewalks where you live so that you can walk around well, using your cane?

Re: asking questions about blindness

Hello Words me thing,
I'm using Jaws 8.0. How are you?
Thanks for responding to my post!

struggle less perhaps grin

You mention your struggles with your screen reader in your message. What screen reader are you using? Communicating is certainly more difficult if using the tools is a struggle.
Do write back and perhaps some of the more techie folks here can give you hints on how to tame your screen reader. Grin.

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