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Audio book players for the blind?

Helo I am new on this board and would like to find out if there are any mp3 players out there for the blind. tried a few from the RIB, but they wern't really suitable for me. I go on holiday with my family a lot so what I really need is a player where i can store some of my vast number of audio cds have at home. When i copy them to my windows media player they show up as wma files but whenever i have tried any conversion software to convert them to mp3 format it hasn't worked. I have a few of the small memory sticks too but they don't have nearly the size of space i need. Can anyone help? any thanks.

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Re:Audio book players for the blind?

AccessWorld, AFB's free online technology magazine, has many articles and product evaluations on a variety of mp3 and audio players. This article might be of particular interest to you, but you can search for many other product reviews as well:

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