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best places to live

I have not been blind my entire life. I am now living with very low vision. I cannot drive anymore. My husband provides all my transportation. We have been discussing lately that I need a plan of how to take care of myself should something happen to him. Where are the best places to live as a blind person.Are there communities with good services that enable a blind person to remain independent? Are there condo complexes like retirement communities that may provide transportation and/or necessities within walking distance? Thanks!

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Re: best places to live

I have just finished attending the Orientation and Training Center (OTC) in Seattle, affectionately known as blind boot camp. I learned far more about living independently as a blind person than I ever thought possible. The instructors are incredible. The two cities on the west coast that I have found to be very accessible for blind people are Seattle and Portland. If you are a senior (55) you can live in a senior community which often offers transportation options.

I have RP and lost the remaining snippet of my sight only three months ago. I was afraid to leave our driveway without my husband or guide dog. Today, I'm traveling all over the place by myself, thanks to the training I have received at the OTC.

Re: best places to live

You may want to try going to a school for a period t oadjust. There is one in Chicago that I have heard of that is good. Chicago Lighthouse for the blind. You can also contact Guild for the blind or if interested in taking any courses try Hope that helps.Nicci

Re: best places to live

Thank you for your reply. All information is helpful. I suppose I have much to "re-learn" as I adjust to my limitations. It is great to talk to someone like you who can tell me it is possible to be independent. It is pretty scary for me to think about. Thanks again!

Re: best places to live

I know nothing about condos or communities for folks with disabilities. I do know a good deal about being independent as a blind person. There are certainly cities with good transportation systems which is of great value to the non-driver. (Think Washington d.c., San Francisco, New York City and Boston for some examples.) The further you get out of big cities, the harder it may be to find good bus, subway, train and cab transportation. I live in a community where I can walk to pick up groceries and where the bus and transportation links are relatively good. But, what I have is nothing like the kind of access to transportation I would have if I lived in some of the cities I mentioned. Hope this is of some use.

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