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Birthday gift help

My wife is completely blind and her birthday is coming up and im out of gift ideas. i think she is sick of me getting her CDs and perfumes. if you guys have any ideas help would be great

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Re: Birthday gift help

Shadows in the Dark, has a great assortment of Braille Greeting cards and specialty gifts. Visit: for more details

Re:Birthday gift help

You can present some good braille books,Food,Massage and some audio books etc

Re:Birthday gift help

Thanks guys!

Re:Birthday gift help

I agree with the last post. Or you could take her somewhere special for the day or weekend or what have you.

Re:Birthday gift help

You can check out Seedlings they have Sterling Braille Affirmation Charms that are really cool. Or you can gift her a nice day at a spa. Hope this helps a little ^_^

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