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Blind and seeing things.....

I'm a nurse aide and I recently had a question posed to my by a friend that I could not answer and I was wondering if anyone could help me out.
He said that along with getting Parkinson's his grandma is going blind. Has anyone experienced or heard of seeing things while going blind? (ie. She thought she saw a man in the hallway, and bugs on the floor.) She was always very calm when she saw something, and she had no trouble accepting when someone told her something wasn't there.
I'd really like to know if these hallucinations could be part of going blind or if they're related to something else. Any help in this matter would be much appreciated.

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Re:Blind and seeing things.....

My daughter has had MS now for 4 years. She has had more than her share of exaberations which lefted her totally blind. Now we have been told she has Charles Bonnet Syndrome. Wow we have gone through so many different feelings. She thought she was going crazy. SHe was so tired, but with her MS she was blind and having trouble keeping up with our every day duties. She is a single mom with 2 daughters that she sees every other weekend.
Now we have to learn to deal with this. Hope this board can help us understand things from others. Thank you Suz from Iowa

Re:Blind and seeing things.....

my mother,age 88,recently lost total sight after years of fighting glucoma and macular degeneration. She too has been having hallucinations of being in a brown hole with a light colored canopy over her head. She also sees people sitting in next to her and talking with their hands. She gets extremely distraught and overly nervous when having these,but her GP doesn't seem to know anything about this phenomenon. Any advice to a newbie?

Writer seeking people with (or experience with) Charles Bonnet Syndrome

I am researching a book on “little people” as a shared belief across cultures and am interested in interviewing people with Charles Bonnet Syndrome, or relatives/friends of those who have had CBS hallucinations.

Please email me at if you can help. Thank you!

Re:Blind and seeing things.....

My mother lost her sight in 2001 and is now totally blind. She suffers from halluncinations/delusions and claims she can see. Her condition is being treated with Seroquel but it dosen't seem to be working any sugestions?

Re:Blind and seeing things.....

Hallucinations in the blind or visually impaired persons are common!! It is a condition called Charles Bonnet Syndrome. My mother has had it for years. She went blind from Macular Degeneration. Unfortunately, most health care providers haven't heard of the condition. Medications may help some but sometimes just knowing that they aren't going crazy helps immensely!

blind sculptors

I am interestedin finding out about people who are blind who are also sculptors. Can someone point me in the right direction to find out about people with low-to-no vision who have made this a career or avocation? Thank you.

Re:Blind and seeing things.....

It is not uncommon. I'm an O&M teacher and I get a lot of people asking me about this. I used to see things as I was going blind, but now that I'm completely blind, I see nothing. It's not unusual though; I had one client who described a graduation and a wedding in complete detail when we had a lesson...except for the fact that I'd read her file which said she was totally blind, I'd have thought she was sighted...

Re:Blind and seeing things.....

My mind still sees as if I could see. Sometimes I do see things as I did. Its a memory sense.

Re:Blind and seeing things.....

I have recently become blind. I see things a lot, and my retinologist says its very common. I see flashes and sometimes I se letters of the alphabet in the air or when I look at my jeans it will look like there are words printed a;; over them. Then it goes away. They are some kind of visual hallicination. Knowing it's normal helps me enjoy the surprise entertainment!

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