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Blind-Autistic-Applied behavior Analysis-NEED MENTOR

I am an ABA Therapist (behavior Analyst) and a mother of an Autistic son. I just accepted a job working with a family with a 9 yr. old boy Blind and recently diagnosed w/ Autism. He is non-verbal- self-injurious behaviors etc..
I need to find someone who I can correspond with and get ideas to set up a structured ABA home program. I have lot's of ideas but I have never worked with dual diagnosis. Please help.

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Re:Blind-Autistic-Applied behavior Analysis-NEED MENTOR


My daughter is totally blind and Autistic. We tried ABA with her, and it made her even more aggressive. If you have any questions, you can E-mail me directly at

Re:Blind-Autistic-Applied behavior Analysis-NEED MENTOR

I'm Deafblind and neurodiverse (AS)

If you just want the perspective of someone who has been there, I'd be glad to share with you and answer any specific questions you might have. My email is nahzee at yahoo dot com.

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