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"Blind Beauty"

This is hopefully to be the title of my thesis on Blind women and their attitude towards beauty therapy and cosmetics. I am a student beauty therapist and spending so much time involved with all things to do with how women look I am curious as to how blind or visually impaired women cope and what treatments you prefer. Do you have many body treatments such as massage for example, is visiting a beauty salon regularly something you would do? I am very interested in this as I feel somewhat shocked by my own lack of thought on this before, women having the tendency to become quite obsessed with how they look something i fear i do myself, how does it feel?

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Re:"Blind Beauty"

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Re:"Blind Beauty"

I would like to offer our help, for women who are blind or partially blind. Mineral Me Too is a mineral make up company that has a product called "On the Go" brush. It comes with the mineral make up already in the brush and is dispensed evenly without the "swirl, tap, buff" method. We offer foundations, cheek colors, correctors, bronzers and mineral veil in them. They come marked with a series of dots that indicate what stage of the applicaton this brush would be used for. For instance the primer would have one dot, as it would be the first in the application process, the foundation brush would have two... etc. We have had great success with this and are thrilled to be the only mineral make up company, to offer this to women. You can find them at

Re:"Blind Beauty"

Corinne, I am so sorry for not responding to your post on my post. If you still need to ask questions for your thesis, I'd be more than happy to help as much as I can. I have a lot to say about beauty. Please feel free to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Re:"Blind Beauty"

I have been visually impaired for 2 yrs and I am now 34. I have always been picky about things matching, hair and make-up. I decided on a short layered style with ears cut out which is very easy to style with my fingers. I wear foundation and lip stick daily. Almost forgot masscara as well but only the clear. This makes my lashes look thicker but without looking like a racoon because I can not get the other colors such as black on without making a mess. I am sad to say eye shadow is a special occassion thing done by someone else like my older daughter. I never wore blush frequently so no real upset there. I live overseas and my hairdresser cuts great hair but seems to avoid talking to me. My attitude on that is he ruins the tip factor for himself. Like I mentioned he cuts great. I like a massage about once a month. I have found it is better to instruct people as to what you would like them to do. They seem not to know what to do and are at a loss to ask you. It is sort of like the pink elephant in the living room. Hello, I know I am blind, you know it, let's not tip toe around it. Hope I have added to your thesis research!

Re:"Blind Beauty"

I'm legally blind + but can manage to do my make up. Its true that once in a while I get things a little out of place so that when ever I can I have a friend check -- my husbands great at doing this and so my son, my daugthers are pretty much in the same boat visionwise so they are not much help. I am working with the older one on makeup and she's doing OK.
As long as I'm carefull where I put everything and kinda do it by the numbers thing turn out OK.

Re:"Blind Beauty"

I can only say what it is for myself. Unfortunately I dont use makeup since my blindness. I tend to just wash and go. I think the problem is I am uncomfortable with trying to get all fancied up because I dont want to go out and look like I piled my makeup on or missed an eyelid. The human race tends to do enough staring and whispering about others that are different. Reality is we dont know percisely how much we are putting on. We can make a educated opinion on how much is on the brush but we dont really know. I havent even got enough nerve to go back to my fitness center to do my workout like I use to do. I suppose I get tired sometimes of all the rude people so I tend to stay close to home. I then ask myself why shouldnt I go out? Dont we have as much right to attend anything we want without being somewhat the center of attention. Sorry if this sounds negative however we do have our down days and days we get so frustrated our attitude is somewhat negative. For us what someone looks like is not as important as it is to the sighted person.

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