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Blind Cooking

Hi everyone
I'm a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
My mayor is in Product Design; I'm specially passionate about human centered universal design, my focus is disability and relevant design.
The project I'm working on this semester is designing kitchen utensils.
I decided to focus on kitchen utensils for people who are visually impaired. I'm specifically addressing the design of the spatula and the slotted spoon. I wanted to see if I could get your thoughts on cooking with these utensils and what aspects could be improved upon. I was also wondering if you could help me out and answer some questions that I have.

-How do you organize your kitchen utensils? Is there a specific reasoning behind that organization?
-How many utensils do you normally use while cooking? What are they?
-How do you tell the difference between utensils, are there textured grips or raised pictures to differentiate?
-Do you modify kitchen utensils to fit your needs? If so, how do you modify them? Do you add braille, tags, texture, etc?
-Where do you place your utensils when you are not using them while cooking? (on the counter, on a napkin, on a plate...)
-Do you use kitchen utensils that are marketed specifically for people who are visually impaired? If so, which ones and why?
-What is your favorite kitchen utensil to use? Why? Is there a feature of this product that you particularly enjoy? What would you change and what would you leave from the existing design?
-What is your least favorite kitchen utensil to use? Why?
-How would your perfect kitchen utensil be like? What type of task would it do?
-What would make the cooking process easier for you?

I would really love to get some feedback, I want these utensils to actually help people and not just be more useless stuff out there,
Thanks so much for your help!

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Re:Blind Cooking

I want to be your friend. You really give good recources to others.

Re:Blind Cooking

msk5, you may find some good options from the following online/catalog sources (and listed below are a few actual retail locations):

And this article on AFB Senior Site has some other suggestions of useful kitchen products:

Re:Blind Cooking

hey there the hardest thing i am finding right now is liquid and solid measuring cups. i cant see the marks like when you go to measure one cup of milk for cake, i cant see it and then when you wash them in the dishwasher the marks get worse and become faded. so.. if you have any ideas or make something where we can see the measurments i would be so happy :)

Re:Blind Cooking

Mom had these things she called her 'kitchen tweezers' not sure what they really are called. I found they were easy to turn meat and things with. Then some one gave me a 'double spatula'. It works even better! sqeezes together so I can keep the food in the pan! Now if you could make a pan with a straining lid that really locked that would be great! My family is getting tired of me digging out the spagetti noodles out of the sink!

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