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Blind Cooking

Hello I'm a university student currently studying automatic control. One of my project themes this year developing systems for the blind. We have to chose a focus activity so my choice was to focus on cooking. However finding information on the internet to start my project has not been as easy as I thought.
Can anyone here help me with links or perhaps general information on how blind people cook?

note: I'm East European so excuse me if I made any mistakes.

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Re: Blind Cooking

I dont cook. I am currently dating someone who does though :)


Re:Blind Cooking

It sounds like you'd like some personal accounts, but you may also find the following articles (which also contain videos of visually impaired people learning kitchen techniques) helpful. They are from AFB Senior Site:

Cooking & Meals: Master Your Kitchen

The Safe Chef: Helpful Techniques

Re:Blind Cooking

I want to know how you cook when you are visually impaired. Do you use any kind of special utensils when you cook? How do you test when or if food is done? How do you identify what ingredients you put in? In terms of safety, how would you use sharp or hot objects?

Thank You

Re:Blind Cooking

I can tell you a little about how I cook as a visually impaired person. What exactly do you want to know? Go ahead and email me at
Also, we have a center here in my county where visually impaired and blind people can take classes on things like cooking. You might give them a call.
714 503-2144

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