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Blind from Birth and Needing Help with Home Management

I am congenitally blind and now 52 years old. My parents, while emphasizing a strong work ethic, never taught me home management skills, and I entered the work world before ever learning them. I am successful in my job and in a couple of side ventures, and I have no difficulty with technology, braille or mobility.

My wife of 29 years has taught me some home management skills, as did an instructor at a rehab center where I worked for a while. However, I am still terrible in home management.

Recently my wife found out that she has to be off her feet for three months. I do not want to depend on my kids to do all the stuff around the house.

Though several blind friends have offered to help, most of them had prior vision, and I just can't grasp how they are telling me to do things. Leaving work to go to a rehab center is not possible, and, in our state, rehab teachers can only visit about once a month.

Does anyone know of a good book I could get in either Braille, audio, or computer format that would give me some instruction? Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well.

I heave learned much too late in life the importance of doing the basics around the house, like cooking, cleaning, etc.

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Re:Blind from Birth and Needing Help with Home Management

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I have also been blind since birth and I was forced to be independent right from the get go. About the pop. If it has spilled on the floor. Take a large towel and wipe up the spill. Then when it's dry, you'll feel all the sticky stuff left over. Then use a wet cloth to get the mess cleaned up. Then you know you got it all. If you use a wet cloth right away, how do you know wich is the pop and wich is the wet from the cloth. Please contact me at if you want to chat. I love to talk.

Re:Blind from Birth and Needing Help with Home Management

hahahhahahaha okay. First of all, when milk or pop does spill, I would recomend a wet cloth because if you just wipe everything with a dry cloth, it might be wiping the pop or drink on the floor, not sure. Just trying to help. Have you tried looking online for some recources on house management? I am not an adult yet.

Re:Blind from Birth and Needing Help with Home Management

It is both cooking and cleaning. I am not even good at knowing whether to use a wet cloth or a dry cloth to clean up spilled milk, pop, etc. And, though I haven't killed anybody yet , my cooking could use improvement.

Re:Blind from Birth and Needing Help with Home Management

It depends on what skills you need help with. Is it cooking? Cleaning? What can I do to help?

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