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Blind Guy Needing Support For Living Situation Issues

I am a 26 year old blind man who has moved around intirely too much. I have been forced to do this because of dishonesty from roomates, my family't inability to understand my need for independence, and, the unstable job market for thoose with disabilities in America. Also, I seem to be having issues finding federally funded housing developement for disabled people that will do so much as return my phone call. I have tried renting from owners of apartments in the general public before, and, was eigher taken advantige of financially, or, had to deal with unhealthy living conditions. I feel I am at the point of breaking, however, I am not the kind of person who gives up easily. I have decided to turn to my partners in blind. I would love to hear esspecially from people who have been to, or are from aWest Verginia, but, would be open to contact from anyone. Thank you!

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Re: Blind Guy Needing Support For Living Situation Issues

Im not from west virginia however I understand being blind and not being able to find your own place. I have moved around alot and now live with my grandparents across the country from where I was. I just wanted to tell you to not give up and keep your head up. If you get social security or anything like that save up some money and get your own place and have a nurse help you at home. being blind im sure theres resources for help. keep calling non stop and email them if you can. Just dont give up if you have to go in and stand there and prove to them do it. Thats what I did to start my journey for help.Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Re: Blind Guy Needing Support For Living Situation Issues

Hi, I'm Kenneth. I read your post and I wish to chat with you more about it and your situation. But do you plan to move out of state? I'm very seriously considering moving to Houston Texas. I currently live approximately 70 miles from there. Btw I'm blind also. Not totally but I don't drive. So public transportation would be good. Well, lets chat. I hope to hear back from you. :)

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