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blind in my eye an now doing something about it

well i should start with when i was a little girl about 8 i was standing on one of my old friend pouch an these boys was thowing jelly beans an one hit me an my left eye it was so bad that you could see the blood shacking in it when i went to the doc all they said was let the blood go back in my eye but that was not thje case when i was 12 years old i just could not see out it at all. well when i went back to the eye doc they said had glaucoma in my left eye. so i want to get my drivers linc but they say i can't can't i go out for ssi? please help

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Re:blind in my eye an now doing something about it

If you are thinking about applying for Social Security Disability, you should think about hiring a specialized SSDI lawyer to ensure you have all the proper medical documentation and forms filled out. It took me almost 2 years to get the benefits I deserved because I refused to get a lawyer for 1.5 years. I got connected with a specialized attorney while I was looking for SSDI info at

Re:blind in my eye an now doing something about it

What state are you in? I'm blind in my left eye and got my license in Illinois, I wont lie I did cheat but thats because I've been blind in that eye since I was 9 months old. My doctor said to try and pass the test which is not possible since you have to read part of it with your left eye. Lets just say I've dont it twice. Otherwise I would have to go in every year and get a checkup and renew my license eventhough my vision hasnt change in 25 years.

Re:blind in my eye an now doing something about it

Forgive my ignorance on this subject as I only recently lost all vision in my right eye due to a blood clot but does total vision loss in one eye qualify someone to disability or other benefits?

Re:blind in my eye an now doing something about it

P.S. If they think you have any chance at receiving income, they will ask for further information and medical records.

Re:blind in my eye an now doing something about it

You should visit the Social Security Disability page and apply for any/all programs. Even though I am visually impaired, I was denied SSI and/or disability due to the fact that I did not have enough work credits. My vision loss started at age 19 and I am now 28; I've been a full-time student the last six years and only worked three years out of the last ten. The Social Security worker told me via the phone that due to the recent minimum wage increase in my state (Ohio), I hadn't paid in enough or earned enough work credits to receive any Social Security SSI or disability.

Just fill out all of the forms, submit them, and you should get a response promptly.

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