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blind in one eye

hello this is Ray... 21 years old born blind in one eye . I just registered here to find friends and just.. email is if you want to talk... i'm from texas btw

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Re:blind in one eye

My grandson was born blind in one eye, it is also lazy. I wanted to know if there is any chance a donor transplant would help him.

Re:blind in one eye

I hadnt read your whole comment but your doctor says it causes thyroid problems in the future could you elaborate on that because I actually have a thyroid condition called Hyperthyroidism and none of my doctors knows where it stems from thanks

Re:blind in one eye

Shirley Im fairly certain you were born with the same condition as I. Its called premature retinopathy. When you are born premature the eyes have not fully developed and your retinas are vulnerable to becoming detached. Google it if anything. Coincidentally I also lost my left eye and my right eye was impaired to the point that i need glasses to see 2020 hope this answers your question.

Re:blind in one eye

hello, my name is shirley i am 27 i was born blind in my left eye, i don't know why maybe because i was born premature. i have gone doctor to doctor since i was five but i stop going when i was 16 due to medical insurance problems also i never put to much attention to my condition since it never affected me till now because ive be getting this minor head aches on my left side and sometimes tiny pressure on my left eye i don't know if it's due to my problem .i don't know if my doctors ever gave me the right Diagnosis my mother couldn't really explain it to my either. and ive try doing some research on my own but i can't find any thing coming close to my condition. my eye looks healthy sometimes it's lazy but it looks perfectly normal when i tear up it also tear ups so it works just can't see from it lol. the only what i can remember the doctor telling me had to do with how the left side of brain was develop that affected my eye sight on my left and it cause some thyroid problems in the future so anybody have an explanation or dealing with the same problems as i am.

Re:blind in one eye

Hi! My name is Ramona and I have been blind in one eye since March 11, 2000 due to a very aggressive case of Uveitis complicated by Sarcoidosis. I currently am battling it in my other eye, too. You can contact me at .

Re:blind in one eye

Hi, my name is Bobbi and I'm new here too. You can email me at

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