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Blind in one eye from traumatic brain injury.

Greetings all!

I am completely blind in my left eye. To be more specific, my optic nerve is damaged beyond repair. I posted here looking for anyone with a similar situation, or maybe the same. So thought I'd introduce my story.

6 years ago I was kidnapped, and assaulted. Yes, it was someone I trusted and knew. What made them act as they did is for later elaboration. The result, though, was me in intensive care with a smashed skulll, damaged optic nerve, and luckily alive. I soon learned I'd never see on the left side again.

I did not want to let it slow me down. Needless to say, life has presented many obstacles and still does. For 6 years, I used substances to dull, or null, the pain, discomfort, physically and emotionally. I didn't fully know I was, because I used the same things before this happened.

Recently, I have cleaned up and am living sober, and nothing is dulled. So, more challenges! I just wanted to reach out. Maybe I'll find someone who has similar condition. I haven't really looked, I haven't needed to because drugs helped me accept those things, but now I'm trying to look in new places.

Thanks for reading..

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Re: Blind in one eye from traumatic brain injury.

Hi Ben,

I'm glad you're here and willing to reach out. That tells me you're a fighter and you're motivated to alter the direction you're life was headed. I'm proud of you.
Sounds like you have no vision in your left eye, but how is the vision in your right eye?

I'm going to assume you have some trouble completing tasks efficiently due to your visual impairment. Please, see a local service provider and learn how to navigate your home and career life with limited vision. Here's the link to finding a service provider near you:

Given your traumatic experience and the trauma of losing sight, I would definitely recommend talking with a professional counselor as well as getting to know others with visual impairments who are very comfortable in their skin. This is another reason I recommend finding a local service provider--many offer peer support groups.

Unfortunately, losing sight from a traumatic brain injury is not uncommon. Nor is a visual impairment due to optic nerve damage (called a cortical visual impairment-CVI). Research CVI to learn more.

Shannon Carollo

Re: Blind in one eye from traumatic brain injury.

My sister was recently shot in the head. They said she wouldn't live if she did she'd be a vegetable. Well she lived and is not a vegetable but we are told the left side of brain controls sight, which is where bullet entered. She sees light but that is all. Is there possibility sight will return since she sees color or is that how it is?

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