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Blind Lazy Eye

I have been blind on my right eye since I was two years old from a tragic accident. The Eye looks just as normal as my good eye but it's lazy and hangs off to the right a bit. It's not very noticeable in person as my eyes move around when I'm talking, But It's really noticeable in all my close up face pictures and I hate it. Is there anything I can do to make this eye look straight like my good one. When I was younger it was as straight as the other eye, but over the years it's decided to hang more to the right. I really Want to fix this. Is there anything I can Do????

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Re: Blind Lazy Eye

Hi, I was wondering about this for awhile and it mainly is just in this picture but I wanted to know... does my eye appear lazy? i would appreciate if I could maybe email someone a picture of me in the photo and get a response back I was very insecure about the particular photo and wanted an unbiased opinion because of course family and friends will say it's fine

Re: Blind Lazy Eye

I am blind in my left eye due to retinoblastoma (a form of cancer in the eye) and I too am going through what you are. I have a great ophthalmologist who painted my eye for me and it looks just as good as my real eye but due to the surgery I had when the eye was removed they couldn't save all the muscles in my eye so my glass eye doesn't move as much as my real eye. When I am socializing with those around me up close I can tell they are looking at my glass eye and the my real eye and then they end our conversation to ask what's wrong with me. Which is fine but I wish I could do something to make them move together

Re: Blind Lazy Eye

Hey, a lot of you are still young so here is a middle aged perspective. I was born cross eyed. I've had 6 corrective surgerys. Thankfully the last one saw me through the dating years with normal looking eyes. Unfortunately the multiple surgeries, mostly at a very young age, at a time when parents were encouraged to drop off their kids and come back later, left me with serious psychological trauma. But I hear your stories about dating etc, and the good news for me was my eyes looked straight after my surgeries. So I got through that bit. The bad news is that your muscles go soggy as you get older and my truant eye has wondered back to it's corner. I work in community psychology so you can imagine how hard it is to run a small group. "If I throw a pillow at you, I am talking to YOU" or "If you feel like you need to look over your shoulder, I am talking to YOU". Yep, employment is tough. I guess I've adjusted. Compared to other disabilities it is probably not the one that reads, "go home and become a hermit". But it does require a sense of humor and a tough skin. The thing I am worrying about now is that my dominant eye doesn't seem to be doing as well as my lazy eye. I am over 40. I am worried that I've worn it out. I went to get a check up. I am not able to wear glasses or do therapy. Would love some middle aged reflections?

Re: Blind Lazy Eye

I too have a lazy eye. I was born cross eyed and with exercises the right straightened out the left one wonders to the side. I have never been embarrassed by this, it is how I am. Both of my eyes work, just not together at the same time. It really bothers other people much more than me and I tend to have fun with it. My peripheral vision is amazing. The only time it is bad is if there is a bright light shining on the left since I am right eye dominant.

Re: Blind Lazy Eye

I am in the same boat as you are. I am going to talk to my Ophtalmologist about it. I had a catarac as a baby and got it removed, still my "bad eye" (right eye) is lazy.

Re: Blind Lazy Eye

Your best bet is to talk to your optomologist. I was born with strabismus and my doctor did strabismus surgery to correct it. Which is pretty much like moving the muscles to straighten the eye or something like that. When i started losing my vision due to another issue with my eyes a doctor i went to for answers offered a similar surgery since i have a eye that doesn't stay in place since i have no vision in it except for weird times when my brain decides to turn it on but, that's rare anyways. So yeah something like strabismus surgery could be an option though it'd be cosmedic. I got used to it and never really let it bother me though so i didn't have it.

Re: Blind Lazy Eye


You can talk with your Ophthalmologist about surgery to correct the lazy eye. That's what I tried. In my case it did not work, but that doesn't mean it couldn't work for you! Research it online.

My eye surgeon offered Botox as an alternative, but I was very ambivalent about it and didn't wish to pursue it.

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