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Blind people using mobile phone

Isn't all blind people know how to use mobile phone?
and how they use it ?

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Re: Blind people using mobile phone

They give a strong concentration on the sound that the mobile produces. The accessibility in a smartphone's settings, or apps such as RAY can also help them. However, using feature phones is the easiest for them, to access all the basic functionalities of a cell phone.

Re:Blind people using mobile phone

Of course blind people can use a cell phone silly it's not much different than using a land line phone. Plus the future of technology is always changing and developing into a more user friendly playground for all types of users. Even deaf people can use cell phones thanks to the hep of the TTY service. Lots of cell phone these days have talking capabilities that allow a blind person to access all functionality of a cell phone just like a sighted person. I personally have an Apple IPhone and totally love it and yes it is a touch screen. It has built in software that talks to me and allows me to text, save contacts, use the calander, check facebook and send e-mail completely independantly.

Re:Blind people using mobile phone

yeah, most of us actually do. We use the mobile phone just like you do, we memorize the keypad some have screen readers stuff, but I just use mine.

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