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blind peoples sunglasses

i was wondering with the sunglasses when wearing them do you find that they block out all sunlight an make your world almost pitch black dark or if weraing them what do you see from behind your sunglasses.

even though i am fully sighted i was looking on the internet for them and i found some that let in 4% light and iwas just wondering what it was like to wear them . i`m keen to understand what blindness is like and what the blind can see or experience and how they do it

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Re:blind peoples sunglasses

i am in need of the darkest wrap around sunglasses on the planet for i cannot tolerate any light what so ever if anyone has any info as to were i may purchase a pair please let me know right now i wear ( 2 ) pairs of sunglasses when i have to go out in the daytime therefore i hardly ever go out in the day time legally blind i am frustrated that even having a pair made has restriction... really i'm not operating any equipment what so ever lol but seriously light is a killer for me so i love to live in the darkness never fall or stumble or bump into any thing in darkness i see very good for i use my memory to guide me to where i wish to go so please do not move the furniture please lol ..

Re:blind peoples sunglasses

I have no light perceptions so the dark sunglasses do not decrease my vision at all since it simply cannot be decreased. The glasses do keep pollen from flying into my eyes as much which helps with hay fever etc. The glasses also mean people cannot see that I have no control over eye muscles keeping my eyes open. In practice, this means I get fewer people yelling "open your eyes" at me out of car windows and fewer children chanting the same thing as they go past me on the street. In a corporate setting, dark glasses are sometimes useful because sighted colleagues can concentrate on speaking with me and are less concerned about lack of eye contact. To summarize then, dark glasses make some sighted folks more comfortable around blind folks and thus make some social aspects of being blind easier for us blind folks.

Re:blind peoples sunglasses

A 4% tinted sunglass will not emulate complete blindness. In sunlight, you'll usually be able to see very clearly, because the glasses will reduce glare and make your vision nicer. Most people can even comfortably adjust to seeing out of 1% glasses, and some blind people even preceive light as "too bright" when wearing those.

Re:blind peoples sunglasses

Some blind folks who wear sunglasses have no light perception at all. For them, there is no more or less light when wearing the sunglasses. They do it because some sighted people communicate and interact with them more easily when not distracted by lack of eye contact. So the blind folks wear sunglasses because they have been told it makes some sighted people more comfortable. In other cases, some eye conditions do make people light sensitive. So wearing sunglasses is done for many reasons. Some people with alergies who can see wear sunglasses so less dust and pollen get in their eyes. I suspect some blind people with alergies do the same.

Re:blind peoples sunglasses

Hello Jamesch23;

Some totally blind people that I know wear sunglasses for cosmetic reasons. They have been told they "Look better" with them. That's another thread. So, if they are totally blind they can't tell you what they see from behind.
In the blind community there are various degrees of blindness. It's not all black and white. There are some who see shapes and shadows only and have light perception, others see a lttle more, and those who are paritally sighted can see to get around without assistance, but who cannot see far away and/or cannot read standard print without adaptive devices.
I'm sure those who have enough vision will come to this thread and give their imput.
I am partially sighted and must wear sunshades outside, because I have two eye conditions which leave me photosensitive. These sunshades allow me to wear my glasses underneath. My low vision doctor insists that I wear my glasses underneath. These sunshades are not very dark, BUT they take out all the glare that would other wise make going outside impossible. It is very soothing to my eyes too. They are designed to encompus the sides of my eyes as well. These are called Cocoons. an individual can choose which tint is best for their type of vision problems. The blue tint helps me and some prefere the smoky brown.
I hope this clears up some curiousity. I'm sure there will be others who can also help you.
Thanks for caring.

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