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Blind, Single, Living Alone?

Are you blind, single and living alone? Novelist respectfully requests and would greatly appreciate information on personal and professional issues. Please respond directly to

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Re:Blind, Single, Living Alone?

i think there are a lot of disadvantages of living alone. One example, u will have hard time choosing and deciding clothes. If u happen to choose the wrong colour combinations of clothes(blue top and green bottom), it will look funny on u and when u walked on streets, people might even laugh and tease at u.

Re:Blind, Single, Living Alone?

I am a person with low vision, and I have lived alone for over 10 years. I have worked outside of my home as a professional, but I'm currently a Ph.D. student. There are articles surrounding the topic you are looking for, and I think you might find some qualitative studies useful for your research. The journal of visual impairment and blindness is a public access journal that could be helpful to you. Also, if you have access, the Journal of aging studies.
I have not lost my sight but rather was born with my vision problem, so I cannot provide that level of information for you. I noted that people have provided you a lot of the instramental information here, and the postings are on the old-side now. However, I hope this message finds its way to you in time for you to use the information. I'd say an ongoing battle for me has been loneliness, because of relocations for jobs and school. I seem to build a community of friends only to move myself or to lose them to marriage/kids or their own moves. It is possible with low vision or blindness to get out and meet people, but depending where you live, there are transportation issues and not all community events and activities are blind-friendly.

Regarding the alternative format for your book question: CD or CDRom in an unabridged format is my preference. There are some blind and parcially sighted people that like Braille and large print.

Good luck,

Re:Blind, Single, Living Alone?

Those are great tips. Thanks.

Re:Blind, Single, Living Alone?

Try this. Go to AFB's Home Page at and scroll l down to the box which says "FIND" and click on it. You will go to a query screen. Under Services, check Rehabilitation Services. Then select your state and search. Hopefully there will be an agency in your area you can contact for information. Perhaps they would let you observe some classes in independent living where people with vision loss learn to do the kinds of activities you're interested in with less or no vision. It's worth a try.

Also on AFB's Home Page you can link to our CareerConnect website which includes a mentor database of individuals who are blind or visually impaired who work at a wide variety of jobs. This area might also be helpful.

Good luck.

Re:Blind, Single, Living Alone?

My apologies for not checking in earlier. Since I included my email address and asked for responses to be sent directly there, I have not checked the message board since posting two months ago. I was beginning to wonder if blind folks actually do/can live alone. I am painfully ignorant on such issues and need much input. Thanks to those who responded below.
I am interested in how someone who is blind and living alone accomplishes the most mundane tasks such as grocery shopping and housecleaning. Other points of interest for me would be obtaining and maintaining a job and if that job is an in-home business/profession. I am particularly interested in the issues of transition and adjustment for someone who has lost sight later in life. On a more personal level, if one is single, what about the whole dating issue? In addition, what about the faith issue. What kind of impact has a loss of sight (to whatever degree) had on one’s spiritual life?
I realize that the answers to each of these questions can and will be very different for each individual but this is what I am looking for—as much info as possible. Thanks so much.
P.S. I’ll try to be better about checking in more often.
P.P.S. I like the idea of an 'alternate format' but specifically what kind of format do you recommend?

Re:Blind, Single, Living Alone?

If you wish I will be glad to answer questions

Re:Blind, Single, Living Alone?

Are you interested in speaking only with people who are totally blind or would you be interested in talking with individuals who have lesser degrees of visual impairment?

Also, I think that those who would be more comfortable responding via the Message Boards should feel free to do so.

Try to get your publisher to produce the book in an alternate format so that we all have an opportunity to read it. Good luck.

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