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Blind students in college

I am in a doctoral program studying Higher Education Administration & Leadership. A requirement for the Student Development course is to study a “targeted culture and to reflect on how members of that group experience campus environments.”

I selected blind or visually impaired students as my “target group”.

I am especially interested in you thoughts on the following issues:
Note: If you even have time to respond to a couple of these questions I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

1. What are the misconceptions that people have regarding those that are “blind”?
2. Where you involved in extracurricular activates as a student?
a. If so, which ones and how do you feel that involvement impacted your experience as a student?
b. If not, why were you not involved?
3. What are the keys to success for blind students?
4. Were you concerned about your safety on campus?
5. Did you feel like the classroom was a “safe” environment in terms of asking questions and sharing your thoughts and ideas?
6. What areas to colleges not do well?
7. Which career direction did your pursue?
8. Is there an important issue or issues that I did not ask about? If so, feel free to share your any additional ideas that you feel are important.

Anything help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Wegley

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Re:Blind students in college

I'm currently a sophomore in college and would prefer to be able to gather information by listening and speaking which is what I do best. My grades suffer because I it takes a long time to read and research papers. I run cross country and joined an intramural football team with my friends. School has been very difficult, but necessary. I don't like to complain, but the pressure of all the work that is required is starting to pile up. I have someone take notes for me in class.

I had a professor accuse me of plaigerism because I dictated a paper to someone to type for me.

Re:Blind students in college

Hi there!
Im a freshmen in college. I was asked to write a paper for my english class on what has had a positive impact on my life. It took me awhile to think of something. At fist i had the usual "parents" response. But then one day i wa in the student center for lunch and noticed this one studet whome was blind and then i slowly noticed more and more.Watching these students really inspired me. Everyone wants to complain that college is to hard oror that they just can't do it. I believe they take too much for granted. I think visually impaired people are alot more corageous and smarter then others think. So i was wondering if anyone could give me addtional information, statistics , or personal stories. You can email me at Thank Yoou!

Re:Blind students in college


I am currently a junior in college majoring in English / Professional Writing and have low vision. Reading through the responses, I find that I have had many of the same experiences as those with worse vision than mine. Professors think that they don't have to provide accommodations for me that would "take away the time they need to spend with other students". I had a professor tell me that he couldn't give me copies of projected materials because printing them out would give me more of his time than he gave others. He also made a remark in class that put me on the spot and made me want to crawl in a hole and never come out. He was handing out notes and when he came to me, he said, very audibly that he forgot to make a large print copy and that he would make one during the class break so I would have it later. I felt as though everyone was looking at me since the class was completely silent and we were sitting in a circle.

But I have encountered my fair share of amazing professors. One of them even fought for me. This semester I took a course in desktop publishing and needed a special mouse with a magnifier. Long story short, my professor ended up teaming up with our ADA Coordinator and making the IT department install what software needed to be installed. My professor was so agitated but she got the job done.

Re:Blind students in college

I have student who is legally blind and have never worked with a blind student before. I am interested in any ideas people may have to help me provide him with a quality education. It is a freshman composition course--many of my course materials are simply not suitable. He uses Zoom to see the computer screen in our computer classroom, but it is not enough as reading takes some time when one has to enlarge the page so much. I wonder what the word is on Braille. Should I encourage him to learn it? He will likely be unable to see even very large print before long. Help!

Re:Blind students in college

Hi. I am currently a blind graduate student, working on a MA in speech communication. I believe the most common misconception of blindness at a university is the fact that some professors think that a blind student is going to require the instructor to have unnecessary work making accommodations. I recently experienced a professor who tried to blame a dispute I encountered with her on the fact that I wanted special treatment due to my disability. I responded to her accusation that this issue had absolutely nothing to do with my disability. Last academic year, I was a teaching assistant. My supervisor was apprehensive about my ability to teach in the university setting. I did a great job. I even caught a student cheating and dealt with it. I currently do not participate in many activities because I am a married woman with a nine-year-old son. Technology has proved to make a positive difference in my ability to participate in the sighted community. I ask for very little help from others because I can scan material and use the Internet to do research. I hope this helps

Re:Blind students in college

Hi Dave If you still want responses to these questions i would be more that happy to help.

I have been visually impaired all my life and am now studdying at university
My e-mail is

Re:Blind students in college

Hey Dave, I would not mind answering any questions either.

I do not participate in extra curricular activities because I'm too busy studying. I think that is what the key to a blind student's success is. Study, study, study and when you have time study. I often think of how much longer I have to study to be mediocre.

I think finding the study or learning method that works best for you is a very important aspect. For instance with me if I take the time to listen to the book it is most beneficial. Listening to the instructor helps too.

I know these aren't break through discoveries but it is how I deal with it.

I can't think of anything else. Hope that was helpful. If you have any more questions e-mail me at


Re:Blind students in college

You do not give your email adress, but I would love to answer these questions for you.

My email is

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