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Blindness after a stroke

My fiance was diagnosed with Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis 2 months ago which put him in a comma. He then had two stroke one on left and one on right side of brain. He was recently released from rehab after 2 full months in the hosp and rehab and is physically doing well except his vision has not returned. They do no know why. He will have an appointment with the Neuro Op soon. Has anyone ever been through this?

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Re:Blindness after a stroke

I am looking for some new friends for my fiance. He is recently blind and will be starting with the blind services here in Riverside, Ca soon. He needs friends, activities, support groups. Please help.

Re:Blindness after a stroke

I have a patient that can only see through a small opening like O, and she has to scan things to read or watch TV. I am trying to find something for her where she can fill her own mediset and call in her prescriptions. I have tried magnifying devices however this does not work. Anyone have any ideas....Please.

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