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Blindness and Taste: Opinions Requested

Hello. My name is Catherine and I am doing a project that explores the connection between the loss of sight and the increases in taste. Have you lost sight later in life and found that your other senses became stronger? Would you be so kind as to email me if so, and allow me to quote you in an article? Thank you and take care. (Ps. Are you using JAWS to read the internet?)

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Re:Blindness and Taste: Opinions Requested

Hi Kim,

Thanks for your response. Do you mind emailing me ( I have a few more questions for you if you are willing to communicate further.

Take care,

Re:Blindness and Taste: Opinions Requested

Hi Catherine
I have Cone Dystrophy.I have found that my hearing has gotten better.People see me and ask :"can you see me?" I say "no",but I know who you are.I recognize their voice.I can see fairly well up close but not far.I see better at night.Light hurts me eyes. Thanks, Kim Hebert Louisiana.........

Re:Blindness and Taste: Opinions Requested

Hi Cahterine,

That is so great that you are doing a project on the connection of senses and eye sight loss. I have decreased slightly in my vison over this past year and have noticed that my other senses have gotten much keener. Yes, my tate has gotten more sensitive and never really thought of it to be honest of the connection.

If there is anything else I can answer for you pease contact me at

Take care Elizabeth

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