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blindness in the left eye

i've been blind in my left eye since i could remember. The doctors have idea what happened.

It really bothers me that my left eye does not follow my right eye at all. does anyone know if there is some way to correct this? maybe not correct since my left eye has no vision and can't focus on anything. maybe surgical solutions to correct the alginment of my left eye?


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Re:blindness in the left eye

i am blind in left eye it is better to keep the original in as long as possible . but my dr. told me when i had eye surgery to replace it with a prostetic there is nothing to keep it alive. i am 34 years old had a prostetic since 22 . they say cosmetic because its not emergancy. when i had surgery it was emergancy due to lost fluid and my socket started to close gue to nothing holding it up.

Re:blindness in the left eye

My doc told me that theirs a surgery but it would be strictly cosmetic

Re:blindness in the left eye

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Re:blindness in the left eye

Dear Janifer,

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Re:blindness in the left eye

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Re:blindness in the left eye

There are surgeries that can be done to correct this. Speak with your optometrist about this and I'm sure they can give you some information!

Best of luck,


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