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body image and blindness?

Hi everyone,
I'm a graduate student in Sociology at UCLA, and I'm writing a book about how mirrors impact body image.

I'd like to hear from anyone who can write about about how not being able to see your reflection has shaped your body image.

Is it easier to "not care" about your looks, or do you go out of your way to take care of your appearance?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: body image and blindness?

Body Image And Blindness ... I Persoanlly Know Atleast 30 Blind People That Ive Spent A Year With ( Daily) And Maybe 2 Of Them Gave Up On The Every Second Worry ... Of Do My Socks Match, To Do I Have Stuff In My Teeth ... My 2 Cents... I Feel That Is A Very Low % Compared To The "Sighted" That Has Seemed To Have Givin Up Presenting A Positive Body IMAGE...

Re:body image and blindness?

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Re:body image and blindness?

"Is it easier to care about my looks or do I take special care about my appearance?"
Please remember "blind" includes "legally blind" folks who may have a lot of sight, be able to see colors and clothing designs and so on.
Each person's response will be personal. For many people, blind or sighted, "looks" include concern about our health which means maintaining good weight and exercising to keep in shape. For blind people, exercising may pose special challenges. Yet, it can be done. January Access World included an article about exercise which you may find interesting. Many of us with good mobility skills walk a lot, and walk pretty rapidly too, with our Guide Dogs. This keeps both the person and the dog in good shape and contributes to generally feeling good. (Ask any jogger and he or she will tell you how good taking a long fast walk feels!)
Now to fashion and clothing. I buy clothes with sighted assistance, whose judgment I trust such as friends or family. I hang outfits which match together on the same hanger or hae other ways of matching clothing. I get feedback from sighted folks I trust if I wonder whether a garment has spots on it.
My experience is that of a totally blind person. The person with some vision who is "legally blind" may have a different experience.

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