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born with 1 eye

Glad to see people here
Right now i m 19. Literally my family and my surrounding doesn't know about the problems i have been facing all the years of life. I have been so terrible at sports i always tried but back then i almost gave up on it. My not so participation in sports proved me a lazy person especially in school. In holidays i used to hide myself somewhere so that i wouldn't be asked to play cricket which needs a lot to see. I hated games period in school. I hated myself for this because i thought that all of this is really my laziness. Unknown to the fact that all of this is because of my one eye. Moreover people find my expression rude mostly even my father feel bad of me making weird and sad expression of my face. Sad but even he dont know. when i was 12 i hated my face i never wanted to click my photo but people said i m overacting. When i watched a 3d movie like all of us i got bored but that time i thought this is all what is called 3d maybe there is problem with movie i just ignored all the incident. But knowing all about what i m feeling is really wonderfull. I cnt express how much i hv cursed myself over my noy being good at sports that really shattered my confidence but right now i m above all of this.
Well i would love to mention here that in my school i was really a leader because i had amazing terms and friends. i was also called the most confident student. I single handedly managed almost all of school programmes. Being on stage is my biggest hobbie. Thankgod i may have got people with lack of knowledge but not mean. I boldly answer any questions about my eyesight. But always have this void of something i dont want to fill but want to be understood. Wish my family would stop reading my face and start reading my heart.

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Re: born with 1 eye

"Wish my family would stop reading my face and start reading my heart."

I really like this part that you wrote. That gave me a glimmer of hope. Never get tired of explaining things to your family. They might not understand you now, but they will , eventually.
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Re: born with 1 eye

Hi ! I had complete blindness in my left eye since i found out when I was five. I leterally cannot see anything not even blackness, when I describe it to someone I joke that it's like only having half a face ?? I'm older now and growing up I was bad at sport. Whenever we played football or anything I would literally not see it go by me. Throughout my life my friends have been very supportive and we never talk about it, sometimes I go I can't see you your on the wrong side. I always bump into people A especially at school and at discos. Whenever we do science experiments I have to get someone else to pour the liquid in the test tube or I'll miss. Only my close friends and family know as it's not something I go around and tell people about, if they want to know they just have to ask. I hate when people stare at me long or stare at my blind eye as it's lazy obviously and I have a cataract, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. To end my story i just a have to say kids are very vocal and will always ask what is wrong with my eye ??

Re: born with 1 eye


It sounds like you care about sports and want to pursue and enjoy them, and wish you succeeded in them. Is that correct?

If you don't excel at them and just don't care, that's one thing. If you want to excel at them, that's another.

If you do want to pursue them, you're going to want to receive services on making them adaptable to someone without depth perception. I'm assuming you have good vision in one eye and no vision in the other; this affects depth perception.

Can you request a teacher of students with visual impairments? This teacher will have good solutions (such as using a ball with auditory feedback).

Let me know how it goes!

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