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Can I speak to someone who is blind?

I have been trying to write a book about a girl who was born blind. In order to write it better, I'd need to hear what blindness is like from a person who actually knows what it's like.

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Re: Can I speak to someone who is blind?

I'm blind in one eye due to cancer

Re: Can I speak to someone who is blind?

Thank you for your reply. It's way helpful in understanding all this. :)

creating a person who happens to be blind rather than a blindness who happens to be a person

You may find valuable information by reading the biographies of blind people, some of whom have been blind since birth. Please remember that anybody you talk to who is blind is going to give you his or her sense of being blind filtered through his or her personality. He or she is a person first, a person who is blind and, in your case, a person who is blind since birth.
Please read lots and lots of real-life accounts written by real-life blind people if you decide to create a blind character. Only then will you begin to understand how varied the experience of being blind can be.
I can hear my writing teacher say, "Write about characters you know. That way, your characters will be real people with real personalities. Otherwise, your characters will be less than believable." So, you may want to ask yourself questions such as:
What is it about my plot that requires not only that my character be blind, but be blind from birth?
, "What purpose does this character's blindness serve in my story?
What does blindness add to the plot?
Suppose I take the same character and drop the blindness bit. Will my character work just as well with my plot?
Thinking about your answers will help you flesh out your character's personality and decide if the blindness is truly necessary or just something you thought up as a way of piquing readers' interest. The blindness idea came from somewhere. So, asking yourself these kinds of questions may help you figure out how blindness fits into your story and fits into the personality of the character you create.
Asking yourself what purpose the blindness serves may give you clues about what questions to ask on this list.
Please remember that you are creating a person and that person happens to be blind. That person has a personality, is male or female, comes from a particular part of the world, had such and such a kind of family growing up and so on.
If blindness is the primary thing about your character, you will produce a blindness, but not a character.
when developing your character's personality.
There are shy blind people and blind people who are less shy. There are kind blind people and less kind blind people.
What I am getting at here is that you must have a sense of who the character is, besides the absence of sight. You must have some idea of how his or her blindness contributes to the plot. If you create the person first you will know more about how he or she acts in life and how he or she handles being blind. Then you can figure out if adding blindness add something to the plot. Every person's experience of being blind is unique. If a woman asks ten men what it is like to be male, she will get ten different answers.
Blind people are different from one another in that each of us brings our own personality to our experience of circumstances. I will tell you that a person blind from birth who is capable as an adult had parents who support that capability. That youngster was encouraged to do things, supported in learning skills such as technology, computer skills, mobility skills, braille and in having a can-do positive attitude.

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