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Can totally blind women paint their nails?

I am a totally blind woman and I want to know if there is a way to paint my nails myself. Please e-mail if you can help.

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Re:Can totally blind women paint their nails?

i am blind and obsessed with fashion.
here's what i have done with great success.
fake nails, buy a box of them
paint them before gluing and after filing, paint a few sets of nails in differen colors storing them in baggies and containers. keep nail polish remover on hand, polish will get on your hands.
keep strokes even and smooth
be patient, especially your first couple of tries
it is a tedious process, but as i am a fashion bug i enjoy the end result.

Re:Can totally blind women paint their nails?

When I tried it I made a real mess of it (not that I was real good at it when I could see.) I admit that I took the easy way out and have them done for special occasions, as a lot of both blind and sighted women do. I think you should give it a try and if you come up with any techniques let us know. And I knocked the bottle over twice so you might want to avoid carpet and have paper towels handy the first time. Good luck.

Re:Can totally blind women paint their nails?

I suggest you get some cheap polishes and try it out you will know if ya messed it up to bad by feeling it I think

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