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Challenge of Photographing the Blind

I was looking for information of photographing the blind and came upon this web site. I am a professional photographer who has been contacted to photography the wedding of a bride and groom who are both blind. I have no experience with the blind and can see that there will be some challenges for me in working with them. Wedding photography involves a lot of directing people both on where to stand and how to pose and not having dealt with the blind I don't want to go into it without getting some advice, after all it's there wedding day. If this would be something better handled by someone else then that's OK. I don't want to mess up there special day by being a jerk. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re:Challenge of Photographing the Blind

thanks hannibal8it

Thanks for the note. I was thinking along the same lines, and the advice about asking before I touch them to set a pose was one I had not thought about but I understand how that would be important. thanks again. I have not booked the wedding yet but I hope that i do. This can be a great learning experience for me.

Re:Challenge of Photographing the Blind

having gone thru this as a blind groom, i'd say for the most part, do your thang... lol
only adaptations you should really have to make are giving verbal directions on how and where to look.
on occasion, you may have to place someone in a pose or direction if verbal descriptions are not enough. in this case, i would ask permission to touch before doing so. personally, i don't like when people just grab without warning. hope this helps... good luck

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