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Choosing Clothes

Dear all,
How do you choose clothes to wear? (whether it be buying them in a shop or just picking them out in the morning?). Do you have problems choosing clothes, and if so have you found a solution to overcome these issues?

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Re:Choosing Clothes

this could help me too. thanks!

Re:Choosing Clothes

Thankyou all for responding to my post!

I've been asking a few people this question and it seems that most people do one of two things a) rely on a sighted person or b) become very very organised and have a good knowledge and understanding of what's in their closet!

What also makes me curious, however, is how you can judge for YOURSELF what a garment looks like through its tactile qualities without being told.

For example, if your sighted friend takes you shopping and tells you that the dress you have tried on is blue, do you have any other marker to convey that sense of 'blue'?

Do you have favorite patterns or materials?

Re:Choosing Clothes

These are great suggestions! I thought you all might find this article interesting, too:

Tips for Organizing Your Bedroom

There is another good article on Personal Grooming (how to handle makeup, nails, and shaving):

Re:Choosing Clothes

base on my research, there are many different ways to match your outfit. some people use safe pins, and identify the color by the number of pins or the direction of the pins. or sew beads on the tag to identify the color. Buy the talking color identifier, last time I checked, it was around 199 dollars.
Also, there's puffy paint, washable, you can make your own marks on the clothes, and you will be able to feel the bump with your fingers. and...also, there are braille tags which can be sew onto your clothes. and....for jewelry, some people use different shape of ice cube tray to store small ear rings..etc.
Or, just become really good at organizing your clothes, hang the matching outfit on the same hanger...etc.
these methods are based on my research, I do not know which one works better, but I hope you might find some of them useful!

Re:Choosing Clothes

They also sell a device that you can put up against the clothing, press a button, and it tells you the colour. It isn't the best, though (it once described my skin as blue), and it would have some trouble with patterns, but it's a start.

Re:Choosing Clothes

I have a good friend that takes me shopping. I put markers om my clothes and hang them accordingly.

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