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Coloboma Eye

Hello, I'm new here and I just wanted to see if maybe anyone knows more about the coloboma eye than what the normal everyday website says or any experiences with it.

I've had this since I was born in my right eye and a small tiny one that doesn't affect anything in my left eye, Just curious if anyone else has this condition and how it affects you.

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Re: Coloboma Eye

My daughter was diagnosed with retinal coloboma at 7mths. She is now 8 years old. Her milestone was slower compared with her peers by 1-2 years. Any parents out there having the same condition as my child? I would like to find out more especially in terms of growth and learning abilities.

Re: Coloboma Eye

Hi Dianne,

While I am not a MD, I would think your cataract can be successfully removed. Here is a relevant article for you:

Shannon Carollo

Re: Coloboma Eye

I have coloboma in both eyes. My left eye is blind with a cataract on it. I had good visiton in my right eye but I now have a catarach on it. My question is Can opthalmologist safely and successfully remove the cataract.

Re: Coloboma Eye

Hi, I am currently 21 years old attending college. I have never let my vision affect my experience learning. It has been troublesome seeing the board at times, but I usually just sit closer. I have coloboma in the iris which makes my vision a little worse (20/40) and more sensitive to the light. I also believe they just found a cataract in there, but it is too risky to remove it because of my other eye. My left eye has coloboma of the retina and that vision is 20/200. Non-correctable even with glasses. This makes my depth perception horrible. I am blessed to have at least one eye that I can see out of even though it is not completely perfect. I am wondering if other people with a key-hole shaped iris have an issue with glare when wearing glasses? I just recently got a pair and I cannot even wear them outside because it is almost impossible to see with all the lights reflecting and colors clashing etc. I also sometimes cannot wear these when looking at lecture slides on a huge projector screen especially if the screen has a white background and black writing (which most of them do), which defeats the purpose of why I would wear glasses in the first place. So they are virtually useless. I am wondering if anyone has this issue and if there is a way to fix it? I paid extra for the glasses to be less reflective and it still doesn't work
I also had an issue with pressure behind my eyes. It seemed as if it got worse when I was driving every day. It could be because of the light and my eyes just being more sensitive to it, but not completely sure. I'm wondering if anyone else has that issue with coloboma? The feeling of pressure behind your eyes and that you cannot really focus when this happens.

Re: Coloboma Eye

I noticed this was an older post, but just wanted to share a bit of my situation. I have Coloboma in both eyes though it isn't enough to affect the vision in my right eye. My left eye isn't quite as lucky. I was born with retinal detachment, cataracts, and microphthalmia in that eye along with iris Coloboma. I had surgery while I was very young to 're attach my retina, but they ended up removing the lens. While I have very bad depth perception I recently finished college and and now Working my dream job! If there's any questions I'll try my best to answer. The more I research the more I realize there's not a lot out there on this condition.

Re: Coloboma Eye

I have a 3 yr old son with a retinal coloboma and mild microphthalmia in his right eye. His pediatric ophthamologist described his vision loss as 'baseball hat effect' (upper visual field because the coloboma is on the lower half of the retina). I notice that he often runs into walls a lot--he has has mild-moderate hearing loss. With 2 of the 3 balance senses impaired, his balance is impacted, but he's making huge strides and doesn't let it slow him down. He just falls more than his friends do. With all of that said, I'm wondering if someone with a retinal coloboma could explain to me exactly what they can (or cannot) see. His teachers ask me all the time what he can see. The pediatric ophthamologist said that until he can figure out how to communicate with us exactly what he can or cannot see, we can assume that he can see out of the front of his eye about as good as a normal seeing person can see out their peripheral vision. If either of you could shine some more light on the picture, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Re: Coloboma Eye

Hi Technoxkitty,
I've never heard of another person having coloboma! This is very exciting. Do you have any specific questions?
- Michelle, AFB intern

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