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Colors and Blindness

So this question might seem a bit odd, but is there a way to teach color to a blind person? I don't know much about blindness, but this question has been plaguing me for several weeks now.
Can you teach a blind person to experience blue?

Thank you .


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Re:Color Vision Correction @

When I found out I had a color deficiency I searched the internet for information on what I could do about it, that's when found the web site It stated 100% success in passing the Ishihara color plate test. Not only can I pass the test now the brightness of colors is just richer and more vivid. On top all this they diagnosed and corrected a dry eye problem I had for a very long time. Now I feel like I have a new set of eyes. This will have a direct impact on my work and play plus financial security.

Re:Colors and Blindness

I know my boyfriend who is blind always hated how color was described to him, he said way too often he got "Red is like an Apple" and that doesn't really help him. Another way it was described was as far as heat, but he said that didn't really help much either, because there are some colors its hard to describe with heat. He asked me to describe color once, and the way I did it was his favorite way he's gotten yet. I talked about it in terms of emotion, red is a color that is very emotional generally, it can be hate or love or passion in general. Blue can either be sad, or hopeful, like a big blue sky. etc. Then in that sense you can also describe shades, a deep purple is kind of royal, very proud. A lavender is a lighter shade of purple, but it's not really proud like the other colors, its more... shy, and often connected to romance, a very beautiful but timid love type thing... He said that works the best for him, but I don't know if it would be the best method for everyone.

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Hey, Elizabith a CC tv is basicly a tv screen with a flat tray at the bottom where they put a book, peice of paper, or something on it and you turn it on you can the paper clearer and biger than it was befor you can adjust the size of the print i think some of my friends used one sorry this is so long Paulina

Re:Colors and Blindness

Have any of you investigated anything like this?

Re:Colors and Blindness

Hello Debbie..
My name is Jiyoung Hwang..and I am currently attending Pratt Institute in NY.
For my thesis project I am also trying to develop a children's book or whatever to teach blind children about colors. It is really challenging..
I interviewed blind person and she said color is really important to them. She said, "Since we are living in a sighted world, we also need to know all the information that sighted people know".
It really encouraged me to pursue what I am working on right now..but it is hard for me to come up with good suggestions for teaching colors to blind and visually impaired.

If you can..can we contact through email? so that we can share some ideas?
My email is

Re:Colors and Blindness

yeah, thats kind of how I figured you would have to do it. Yellow is a warm summer day with kids laughing in the background and the sun shining on your shoulders kind of thing. That, however, is subjective, and does not really convey colors. (How do I differentiate purple from lavender?) Wow, I just can not understand why this quest is so important to me.


Re:Colors and Blindness

First off you should know there are many different stages of blindness and some of us are color blind. There are different stages of color blindness also. Each is unigue and varies in what colors we can and can not see. I am color blind, which is rare, for a woman to be color blind. I see mostly in black and white with different shades of black and white. There are numerous sites that will explain what color blindness is and how we see and how to teach the colors to us.
Like myself I lost my sight a couple years ago so I can remember what colors are and the different shades.
If the person was born blind or very young when they lost their sight they havent had the oppurtunity to experience color all they see black. The blind use the other senses to experience their world so I would suggest teaching color using the other senses. For example, red is hot, yellow is soft so on. I dont know of any other way. The person that answers these questions from the afb may know something that would be more of a help than I have been,

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