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concept development in blind children

how to teach concepts like positional, directional, body awareness, spatial and others? please help me to teach the blind children.

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Re:concept development in blind children

I would prefer to teach all these concepts through hand on experinces or real experinces..Doll with detachable body parts could be uses as an aid to tecah body parts to yound VI children...I found them enjoying a lot while playing with doll. While fixing the body parts they enhance their fine and gross motor development as well.

Pre-Braille materials help them to learn positional concepts..

Auditory ball could facilitate their spatial concepts..
VI children often surprise you as they are quick learner like most of their peers..

Re:concept development in blind children

I answered your post under School, but I fam mow wondering why it would be so different, since concepts are not reall so visual. . I'd be curious to know what those who have relevant experience with this think,

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