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contributions to society by the blind

I am writing a research paper about how braille has enabled the blind to make contributions to society in the fields of science, literature, mathematics, etc.

I would appreciate it very much if anyone can point me in the direction of specific blind people who have impacted society with their accomplishments as a result of their knowledge of braille.

Thanks in advance!

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Re:contributions to society by the blind

Hi there, my name is Earl I am a blind individual and a trainer in assistive technology. I think if you do a search for braille works blog, you will find enough information to get you started plus some other helpfull links as well. Earl

Re:contributions to society by the blind

If you check out the blindness statistics, you will notice that people who readbraille are more likely to be employed than people who do not. As an employed person, the blind person can buy goods, pay taxes, buy a home and generally be a self-supporting member of society.

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