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Cooking for the visually impaired

Hello everyone,

I study Industrial Design at the Technical University Delft, in Holland and we're designing a tapas cooking tool for the visually impaired. We would like to get some more information on how blind people cook. So feel free to answer some of these questions:
What type of blindness do you have?
What kind of food do you like and what is the reason for it? We think that you have different taste as you don't give any importance to appearance,
How do you cut things and is this safe enough?
How do you know where to cut for example vegetables?
How do you measure amounts of fluid or weight?
How do you scrape out the inside of vegetables?
How do you know where you placed the ingredients you made before?
Do you need a lot of feedback to know when you have succeeded an action?
Do you need braille on your equipment?
How could your cooking experience be improved or made easier?
Thanks in advance for your cooperation, we will keep you updated on the development of the tools.


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Re:Cooking for the visually impaired

Leslie, I apologize for my slow reply -- I didn't notice your message earlier. I thought that you might find the material on AFB Senior Site helpful, since it includes a number of videos that show tips for grocery shopping and preparing food:

The "Your Kitchen" area includes many more good tips for improving access:

I hope this is helpful.

Re:Cooking for the visually impaired

hi I'm totally blind. I have no experince about cooking. But I can cut thins like fruit and vegetables. I think We need braille to help us through cooking. Thanks

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