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cooking utensils

Hi, I'm designing cooking products for the blind, for a class project with black and decker. I was wandering what cooking utensils do you often use in the kitchen? Like spatulas,ladles,tongs or whisks.

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Re:cooking utensils

I use spatulas, wooden spoons, and whisks -- all from my local store. No adaptation needed. If you want to get an idea of what specially adapted cooking equipment is out there, you may want to check catalogs such as those for Independent Living Aids. They are visible on the net. Use any search engine and it will be easy to find adapted kitchen equipment. I read a lot about adapted equipment ideas from people who are not blind but want to design things for us for school projects, mostly on this message board. The many totally blind cooks I know use the same knives, spatulas, wooden spoons, forks, bowls and such that fully-sighted cooks use.

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