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Cooking with blindness

I am currently writing a novel that features a young blind woman. I want to show that people who are blind are not completely defendant on others. Although she has friends who assist her with certain things, she lives in her own apartment, goes to school, etc.
A main part of her character is that she wants to become a chef. So here are some of my questions:

What kind of tools to blind people use when cooking? Measuring cups with braille, for example?

Can someone who is blind and knows how to cook function fairly well in a kitchen? Are there certain appliances that are impossible to use?

When shopping for ingredients, what kind of things can be found without assistance? For things like jars and cans, must you always have someone there to help you find what you need?

How would you be able to tell if something is done cooking in an oven? Cookies, for example, usually have to be browned.

That's all I can think of for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you can direct me to a reliable website with information, I'd love that, too. Thanks!

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Re:Cooking with blindness

Well I've been cooking for several years and there are no special measuring cups with braille. :) However, there is a knife called the wonderknife that has a piece of wood attached to it with a knob that you twist to add variations to the sizes of stuff you cut and help you make even slices.
As far as knowing when things are done, timing is everything. Plus, using the old toothpick and fork technique works too.
Shopping is hard and I have always needed someone to go with me and read labels and ingredients on packages. The only products I've seen with Braille are boxes of a certain band-aid and that has nothing to do with the kitchen. I hope I was helpful.
Oh and there are talking thermometers that can measure the heat of meats and such from an oven. There are also talking timers, talking microwaves are also available or you could stick braille stickers on regular microwaves. I also know that certain electric companies will label ovens and stoves for free.

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