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Cooking with measuring cups

Hi Everyone!

My name is Matt Finder and I am a 3rd year product design student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am currently working with members of the Pittsburgh Golden Triangle Council of the Blind to design a more universally accessible product for measuring cooking ingredients that may hopefully replace traditional measuring cups. I have received lots of great feedback so far, but I want to talk to as many people as possible and thought that this was a great place to do so.

If you have anything to share, such as what types of measuring cups you currently use, how you use them, what you do or don't like about your measuring cups, or anything else about measuring cups, I would love to hear about it.

Thanks so much!


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Re:Cooking with measuring cups

Despite the fact that I don't have any information to share regarding this issue, I did actually learn some stuff that I did not know before - so I'm happy that I came to "this site": and I hope to find more interesting content here.

Re:Cooking with measuring cups

Hi my name is Bobbi, I have never had a problem doing that, but their is a new product, I believe it's called the pertect brownie system. But it cooks the brownies or watever you are cooking in individual squares (it's like a muffin tin but squares). Maybe you should look into that.

Re:Cooking with measuring cups

I've been cooking with vision impairment for the past fifteen years and swear by my stainless four-cup measure set; I use the quarter-cup for just about everything and its never let me down. AS the set is not Brailled, I keep them together sitting inside one another at all times; for dry ingredients, once measured I just pass an index finger (Clean of course) over the top, sliding off excess back into the canister, for wet, I simply hold over a bowl, cup in one hand, index finger of said hand resting flush with the brim to ensure the quarter cup is filled. On the very rare occasion I measure out hot ingredients, such as boiling water for jelly making, though its a little clumsy, its safe, I use the full cup measure, holding well back (this cup set has long metal-tube hollow handles, and pour over a bowl until I hear the start of the overflow, then pour onto ingredients. It works for me, as there's no discrepancy that you'd get from a liquid level indicator.

Now, if anybody can suggest a way to cut a trayfull or slab of what we here in Australia call 'slice' (brownies and bars etc. to you folk in the Northern Hemisphere) into portions or squares evenly that don't wind up resembling some post modern art instillation, I welcome all advice.

many thanks, and happy cooking,


Re:Cooking with measuring cups

I think they came from the Independent Living Cataloge. My husband said they have 'progressive' written on them.

about the measuring cups.

raised number and letters are the best for me, as i am blind, also the rubber cups are good as well.`

Re:Cooking with measuring cups

Thanks for your reply! Do you happen to know who makes them?

Re:Cooking with measuring cups

I have measuring cups that are a different bright color for each measurement. and also have braille on the bottom. They are rubber so I can turn them inside out to make sure I got the whole measurement in the recipe.

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