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Correcting your vision

Hi I was wondering what some options are to be able to drive? I have nystagmus and I go to see my eye doctor next week and am compiling questions to ask her about driving. Since last time she told me that I can't drive but I feel like I can. I've heard people say that their vision is like "20/50 corrected". What does that mean? PLEASE HELP!!! =D

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Re: Correcting your vision

I correct mind with regular glasses. Though I cant always tell where the 20/20 section of my sight is.


Re:Correcting your vision

my son had a tbi in2002, and he has no left phepherial vision from either side, is there anything that we can do about it, he may not never drive again and he is only 26, is there anything they can do to a car that he may be able to drive?

Re:Correcting your vision

My vision in about 20/50 corrected, with no sight in my right eye, and live in CT and I was able to get my lisence, but had to get special vision testing at my eye docs.

Re:Correcting your vision

You are so lucky! I found out that my vision is 20/200 for distance and 20/30-40 close up. So I guess driving is out of the question for me. Good luck driving!

Re:Correcting your vision

I'm about to get my drivers license (I'm kind of scared), but when they say that their vision is "20/50 corrected" it means that with corrective lenses their vision is 20/50. Without corrective lenses, their vision is probably much worse.

There are different requirements for different states, but I think if you are visually impaired, it is a little bit harder to get a license, but just research the requirements for your state!

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