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Corrective Lens for someone blind in one eye.

I have been completely blind in my right since birth. I actually do have some sensitivity to light in the eye, and if I concentrate, I can see a little bit peripherally out of that eye, but it is so negligible as to be nonexistent. I've never been very troubled by having sight in only one eye, However, now, at the age of 55, my distance vision in my sighted eye has really started to deteriorate (seemingly rapidly to me) and so I need glasses for driving and seeing far, etc. (Strangely, my close-up vision which in my 40s had gotten bad has gotten better as my distance vision has degenerated). Anyway, my optomitrist seems unable to come up with a prescription that gives me clear vision. I am wondering if this is because the equipment that he uses to adjust for the prescription is based on a stereoscopic model. No matter how many adjustments he makes it is always somewhat blurry. He says it is because my eye can't focus because I don't have the other eye to focus with. This seems lame to me. If I can look through a telescope and binoculars and manage to find an in-focus setting using just one eye, why can't they prescribe me a pair of glasses that does just the same thing. Shouldn't they be able to do that? Anyone? I've had two new prescriptions done in the space of a couple months but my new glasses are always blurry (better than without the glasses but nothing close to actually making things in focus).

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Re: Corrective Lens for someone blind in one eye.

I am blind in one eye since age 4. I am now 34 years old. I have always worn corrective lenses and seen just fine with them. So i think you may want to get a second opinion. I know every case is different but perhaps your doctor does not have the correct equipment. One thing, lately i notice that i could not see clear at all so i went back to the store where i bought my glasses and found that the anti glare lenses were starting to wear off my lenses and therefore it was clouding my vision. This does not seem to apply to you....just wanted to mention it just in case. Also,Make sure the lenses on the equipment the doctor has you looking through are clean and not full of fingerprints. I have a hard time getting to that point where i find the perfect prescription when using those big machines they have me look through because sometimes they are full of fingerprints. I hope you find a clear prescription.

Re: Corrective Lens for someone blind in one eye.

Hello, I'm brand new to this site and noticed that you said you had been blind in one eye since birth. My 14 month old grandson lost sight in his left eye due to being shaken. (Shaken Baby Syndrome) He probably lost his sight in that eye when he was very small and doesn't seem affected by it. He hit all of the normal milestones but isn't walking yet. I could be wrong, but I feel this is due to the loss of sight in the one eye and depth perception. Do you know how old you were when you started walking?

Re: Corrective Lens for someone blind in one eye.

So it might be the case

i know what u mean

I went to the eye doc. Yesterday an I have the same problem.... I'm 34 I got shot in my right eye when I was 9

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