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Crazy guide dog issues

I have a guide dog for about a month now. She is a constant whiner and barker. She also is a bit agressive
when she has downtime and is off leash. I also have 2 other dogs, a pug and beagle mix. She like to hump my pug and she plays too rough with
my beagle. She's a food snatcher even when she's firmly corrected and tied down. I've been doing everything I've been told and when I
ask for help; I am told the same info I was told at the start. She doesn't have much freedom at all. I was told freedom is why these issues
are appearing. She's either crated, leashed or tied down. That aside, she's a clumsy walker. I have poor balance in addition to being blind
and she wants to push me over all the time and steps on my feet. She also wants to be the first through a doorway or out even after I make
her sit and stay. My dog is a lil under 2 and I don't know if that's what the matter. I had a guide dog before and she was a lil over 2.
I'm so confused on what to do or say. I don't know how to get the trainer to listen and not blow me off or tell me I'm wrong.
Please help!!!!

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Crazy guide dog issues

Hi,I'm hoping to get a dog soon. Is it really freedom that causes these kinds of issues?

Crazy guide dog issues

You and your trainer need to work on this together. If you and this particular trainer are having personality difficulties,
you and the school who trained the dog with you may need to consult with one another. What you describe sounds chaotic and
certainly confusing for a new dog. You and the new dog are working on bonding which means going in the same direction emotionally
as well as physically training together. I have partnered with Seeing Eye dogs for forty years and know how much you and the dog both
have to learn in those first few months together. Good luck to you.

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