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Customizing a Cane?

Hello AFB and family.
My name is Becca and I had a question about customizing a cane. I bought it a few weeks ago, and thought I'd customize it for fun. I have a long white cane with a hard grip. I think it's the gulf grip? Anyway, the part where the joints are located to fold it up are red, while the part that contains the tip is white. Is this wrong? Someone told me it was the wrong color the other day. I also think that people don't know it's a cane because the colors are flip flopped. For example, someone asked me today if my cane was a field hockey stick. That has never happened before, but someone told me that they only saw the black part.
Any feedback is appreciated.
Thank you.
Have a great day.

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Re: Customizing a Cane?

Ambutech is a great place I have several standard canes but had always wanted one that was more toward my personality and they have many colors and offer differing tips granted the stand at least in the USA is the White with the Red or just white. I am in the process o getting one that is Purple with a white refelective tape at the bottom.

I am aware of that some people don't understand that people like to have a cane that is more like owning your disability. I just tell people. This is my white cane and yes I know its not white. :)

Re: Customizing a Cane?

Hello AFB

I am Karen Bohem and have been working in the field of electronic travel aids since 2 years.It would be a pleasure to tell you about the advancement in technology with the devices that enhance mobility.
Customizing a cane by adding a electronic aid to it helps the user to sense through the surroundings and move more confidently. Live Braille Mini is one such device which is a fully wearable and allows the user to move his hand in the air to know in an instant about its surroundings and walk faster. Unlike all the other devices it senses the objects staggering 50 times a second.

Re: Customizing a Cane?

Hi Becca,

It is most common to see red at the bottom of the cane, and sometimes alternating sections of red and white. It sounds like your cane colors are reversed.

Any combination of red and white should be identifiable, but I'd suggest calling the manufacturer and asking about the their color choice.

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