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Dating the Visually Impaired

Hello, I'm a sighted person and I am interested in dating the visually impaired. I did look into some dating sites as well as meet ups, but there are hardly any visually impaired people online as there are no meet ups where I am located.
I was wondering if there are specific sites ( I did read some blogs or forums on here, but found them unhelpful ) or if there are other methods that the visually impaired use to socialize and get out there in the dating field?


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Re: Dating the Visually Impaired

I agree with others that have written. It seems a bit creepy to want to date someone based solely on their disability. Friendship is always nice. I find that dating someone comes down to what you want in the relationship. I have with two people who are mostly sighted and I am the legally blind person in the trio and its great we are amazing together but it was never about our vision or mobility it was about who we are as people.

Re: Dating the Visually Impaired

I also agree that dating someone for what there disability is very creepy. Like Shannon said, you should date someone for who they are not there disability.

Re: Dating the Visually Impaired

As a totally blind person, I completely agree with Shannon. By the way, if you listen to yourself, you will notice you say "dating the visually impaired". Does this mean you want to date all of us? Totally blind people? Men? Women? Gay? Lesbian? What age range? What interests? People who are gradually losing vision over years? If you are motivated by a sense that blind people are (fill in the blank), forget it. There are blind people who behave badly just as there are sighted people who do. If you date a person because you hope their disability serves you in some way, that demeans both you and the person you are dating.
Having said that, there are people who are disabled who list profiles on the large dating sites. But dating a person merely because of his or her disability is kind of creepy.

Re: Dating the Visually Impaired


I agree, is good to be liked and appreciated for what you are. Not some oddity.

Re: Dating the Visually Impaired

im 18, a male, and i just moved to North Carolina. im interested in meeting a blind woman to get a different aspect on life and i think they would be more honest and a stronger trust would develop rather than a lot of other people. I would be into a long term relationship or just friends really.

Re: Dating the Visually Impaired

I don't know of any dating sites specific to people with visual impairments, which is probably for the better.

I say this because you want to fall in love with a person (period.) and if that person has blindness, okay then. I think I speak for most people who are blind or visually impaired when I say they don't want to be dated by someone who just has a thing for blindness, but to be dated by someone who has a thing for them.

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