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Day Planner/Calendar for Low Vision

My name is Michele and I am legally blind and having a tough time reading my day planner, even wehn using a 20/20 pen. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good low vision day planner that is computer based? I looked at Microsoft Outlooks calendar, but that didn't seem to be the best format. I was sort of thinking of just using Microsoft Word to make a calendar document and have my computer read it to me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! BTW, I haven't learned braille yet.

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Re:Day Planner/Calendar for Low Vision

abledata has a few links

and there is one here

I couldn't find any large print online things, there are some that you might modify from my friends in the webtv printing community (back to 98-2001:) (near bottom)

Re:Day Planner/Calendar for Low Vision

I saw an excellent day planner at the Braille Institute gift shop. It looked like a notebook, but I thought it had great large print tabs and thick lines. It was a combo day planner and address book. Don't know how much it is.
You can call 323 663 1111 and ask for the Vistas store. at Braille. By the way, they also have large print blank notebooks with thick lines. Hope this helps.

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