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Deaf and Blind are best team!

Did you all know that deaf and blind people are become best teamwork! deaf are depend on blind because blind people help deaf people to detect the sounds and blind people are also depend on deaf people because they are excellent sight out and can give complete specific details of the environment that both people are in.

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Re:Deaf and Blind are best team!

i know what you mean i'm legally blind and i'm my moms hard of hearing and i'm her ears and shes my eyes also i and this deaf boy at my school have become good friends

Re:Deaf and Blind are best team!

this might sound really wierd but i am a legally blind student taking an american sign language cource in high school. it has turned out that i am her ears and she is my eyse because i can tell her who is talking and she usually discribes the more complex signs.

Re:Deaf and Blind are best team!

yes I did couse I am leagule blind and my wife is hard of hearing so everything works out I see she hears

Re:Deaf and Blind are best team!

Question: What if a person is both?


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