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Hello everyone.
I am deafblind with residual hearing and vision. I use a guide dog and hearing aids a long with adaptive devices and low-vision trained interpreters.
For 3 years of my college career, I used interpreters that were trained in low-vision but my vision wasn't very good or stable for 45min classes four times a day. I used tactile sign language and that did the trick for a while. I got tired and would get pain from holding up my left hand for the whole class time. LOL

Just wondering if there are anyone on here who have deafblindness and epilepsy.
I have figured out many ways to deal and work around my disabilities in the school setting as well as internship.
I did my internship at CCRC Chris Cole Rehabilitation Center for the Blind here in Texas. It was wonderful and I had many people that worked there who knew sign language or finger-spelling. So it worked out well.
now trying to find a job and even with my B.A. in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, its hard to find work.

Everyone, take care
Crystal and her guide dog Umbro

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Hi Cristal, nice to meeting you! My name is Tatiana - Anastasia, 33 years old, totally blind from Athens of Greece. Personally, I'm not deafblind, but I have a very close friend being deafblind, from England. So, I would glad if you contact me at for two other reasons: First, I am planning to get my next degree in Vocational Consulting, and then I would like to learn the signal language - my friend doesn't need to use it.
I wish you all the best!

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