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depressed mother recently blind

I am the daughter of a woman who became blind 2 years ago due to complications from sickle cell anemia. My mother has had a difficult life. raped, and physically abused by her father, verbally abused by her mother and siblings, never really experiencing love from mates, she now has 3 adult children and is very depressed. She depends on us to do everything for her. This is not new, I am her oldest 29, (brother 19 and sister 24) and have been doing things for her all my life. I feel bad when Im at work or school and shes home alone. She is very angry and refuses to get help. We had a counselor ever to speak with her but she believes no one is her real friend. Because of her sickle cell anemia she has spent a large amount of her time sick, which has isolated her and she has but 2 friends that visit.
I need help. We are poor, and services for the blind are non existent in my city. She yells in anger for hours. The smallest things make her mad. She refuses to become more organized, use her cane, or let others help her. She yells for god to take her. It hurts because I feel powerless. She has yelled at me all of my life, but this is hard, her pain is very present in her voice. She cries all the time. PLEASE HELP.

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Re:depressed mother recently blind

Dear frd try to involve your mom in kind works like any volunteering works available and it can be easily doing by blind person also example in some organisation where blind people making household product in particular place.I also advice you to join Yoga Classes and take your mom to that classes,this control your mom behaviour also help to improve life day by day.But one things that works is increase kind works day by day.I am blind in right eye and my life also very much disturb then I feel the weight of my sin of my life then I increase my kind works day by day,now I am feel always happy and also get much success.So kind works change your whole life,trust me it's works to get blessing of god fastly.If you have any question mail me in my email


Re:depressed mother recently blind

I am so sorry that you are going through so much. I would be willing to chat with you off list if you'd like? My name is Patti, and I have been blind for all of my life. While I don't know exactly your mother feels as far as losing her sight to a disease as that, I can share that I was born early and just recently lost my left eye due to retinopathy of prematurity and glaucoma as a complication from it.
My email is

Please email me and I would be happy to listen and see if there are any suggestions I could give you.

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