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Dear all,

I've been experiencing a severe bout of depression for the past several weeks. I'm scheduled to see a Counselor on May 22, but I believe I'm beyond help. Has anyone else struggled with this? If you'd like to talk, my e-mail address is:

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Re: depressed

Hello Everyone,
I've struggled with depression before so I know how you guys feel. If any teenagers want to get into contact with me my e-mail is

Re: depressed

I have never struggled with that, but I have a friend who has, before I met her, and now she's probably the happiest person I know. If she didn't tell me I would never have guessed.

Re: depressed

Diet and activity play a role in depression. If you eat a lot of sweets and do not work or volunteer your time and do not have any hobbies to take up your time depression can easily take hold. I myself work 40 hours a week and feel down occasionally due to not having a bf currently but it is not as bad as when I wasnt working and didnt have the structure of a job to help keep me calm.

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Re: depressed

I was diagnosed when I was 6. So the looming threat of blindness has basically been with me my entire life. I'm 33 now, and my vision is still pretty good. I can still drive, I still work. The only time I'm really bad is going from bright to dark, or any very low light area.

It is quite depressing at times, but it's not worth it to think about everything you won't be able to do.

Re: depressed

Thanks for your response. Please feel to contact me by e-mail at: if you'd like to correspond further.

Re: depressed

I'm incredibly depressed as well, and I understand te feelin of hopelessness, uselessness, and feeling like you're the only one going through this.

Trust me, to all of the above, you're not.

Make a list of all the people you love and whom love you.
Go excersise, and while you do that, don't think about anything. Just focus on the excersise. Talk to supportive people, and even of they don't comment at all, getting it all off your mind and into the air will help.

You can push through this! Don't give up on yourself!

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