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design for the visually impaired

my name is kate greenstock. I am a sighted graphic design student and am writing my dissertation on design for the visually impaired. I chose the topic as I am really interested in using my design skills in later life to help people, and I think communication to the visually impaired is a really important graphic design problem. I would be really interested to hear from a partially sighted person about their experiences of signage and other design issues that are either helpful to them, or examples where they feel design is in need of improvement. Thanks very much

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Re: design for the visually impaired

I hope those that use text-to-speech readers find the design of my online prayer site for the blind to be designed well.


Re:design for the visually impaired

thanks very much. I understand the point you are making and will look into it further, if i find any solutions, i will be sure to let you know.

Re:design for the visually impaired

I am blinnd in one eye and have partial vision 55degrees in the other. I use autocadd but my problem is finding the cursor/mouse location on the screen. it just seems to blend in with the background. i';ve tried different schemes but it doesnt work well for me. my phone is 207-439-2035

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