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Design thesis on the blind

I'm an Interior Design student doing her thesis on a culinary institute and restaurant for the blind.
Are there and culinary institutes for the blind?
What are aspects of cooking that scare people who are visually impaired?
Any insight on designing for the senses especially tactile and taste would be great. As as sighted person, it is hard to realize what parts of cooking are difficult of not. Designing for the blind, any insight and suggestions would help.

Thanks so much
Kanika Khosla

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Re:Design thesis on the blind

Blind people have been learning to cook, and cook well, for over 50 years now. Setting up a separate school for blind chefs has the disadvantages all separate schooling has. Rather than concentrating on setting up a special school for chefs segregated from other students, perhaps you may want to think about setting up classes for the many many older folks who are gradually losing vision after years of seeing. For ideas on cooking techniques please visit AFB Senior site.

Re:Design thesis on the blind

I am also have vision problem but through swami ramdev yoga and pranayama i felt and see so much benefit in my eye so you can also do yoga for healthy eye

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