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designing cutlery for blind

hi, im a new zealand design student wanting to design cutlery for blind people.

id like to know what problems blind people face when eating a meal, and what are some possible ways that would make it easier. i have a few questions and Im interested in what anybody's thoughts or opinions are.

thank you

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Re:designing cutlery for blind

I think that is a wonderful idea too. The only thing I can think of for a suggestion is maybe on the handles of knife sets put in Braille the type or size of knife so the person will know which one to use without having to feel the knife. Hope this helps. Good luck!


Re:designing cutlery for blind

Rachel, I think you are most rude. I think the idea of designing cutlery for the blind is an awesome idea! Especially if you want to cut things such as vegetables very small, and can't see what you are doing. Wish I had an answer to your question, just wanted to encourage you! Good Luck!!

Re:designing cutlery for blind

The problem is, we are fine, and we don't need or want your help so bugger off and go back to where you came from. We eat fine, thank you! we eat normally like you do. so go suck up to some other bloody morons.

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